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The DO's and DONT's of Glass Washing
Posted on 6. December, 2016

For those of us unfortunately old enough to remember this, in the 1980s wiping glasses with a tea towel became an illegal practice. Before this any number of unsavoury things used to happen, even so far as washing ash trays and glasses in the same wash bowl! Because glass cleaning was a laborious task, licensees would often not change your drinking glass between pints.


How different things were then eh?

Let There Be 'Lite'
Posted on 20. May, 2015

The newly released Clenaware Sovereign 45 Lite glass washer is lighter on price but gives the same excellent wash results, those customers of Clenaware have come to know and love over the years...

A Glass Wash Basket that can Multi-Task?
Posted on 5. August, 2014

With so many different styles of glassware for beers, lagers, cocktails and shots... you need the right basket to wash them in.

But what about space to keep the all the different styles of basket? What if space in a premium in your bar or kitchen area? Clenaware have a solution which is both versatile and space saving... and will even save you money...

Mines a Pint of CRAFT Please!
Posted on 12. November, 2013

Craft beer and real ales are becoming ever more popular these days. Gone are the days of the stereo-typed old man sitting in the smokey corner of the social club supping a pint of real ale of a Sunday afternoon. It would seem that proper Beer (as it were), is increasingly popular with many younger drinkers across Britain. Some are calling this the ‘Drinks Revolution’ and the youth are certainly in revolt.

Clean Enough to Eat Your Dinner Off!
Posted on 23. August, 2013

To present the perfect looking meal or beverage, you need a perfectly clean plate or cup to serve it from. The state of the tableware at the point of presenting it to a customer is vital to customer satisfaction.


Why compromise customer satisfaction?

The Price of a Perfect Pint?
Posted on 26. April, 2013

Having the correct glass washing solution to serve the ‘Perfect Pint’ is an easy decision for most businesses to make, paying for it however, can be more difficult. Clenaware understand that many customers have a week to week business and so paying for solutions such as glass washing can be much easier if spread over a period of time at an affordable price. Clenaware now offers glass washing solutions that can be rented on a month by month basis.

The Fat Issue!
Posted on 14. January, 2013

Now that January is upon us, most of us will be worrying about the extra ‘fat’ around our waistlines from all the Christmas food and drink, and trying every fad diet or extreme exercise regime to get rid of it. But it’s not only our waistlines that suffer with fatty residues, all those extra creamy cocktails and luxurious dinner sauces served over the Festive period, can cause issues with your glass and crockery! No matter how well plates are scraped, or cups are rinsed, some fats, oils or grease (FOG as it’s known in the trade), can inevitably stick to the otherwise cleaned crockery.

The Perfect 'Christmas' Pint - Scientific Fact or Fiction?
Posted on 20. December, 2012

An article recently published in a well known daily newspaper, reckoned that scientists had cracked the code of every drinker’s dream – what makes a perfect pint! As it turns out, the equation they came up with had no scientific content at all and was probably a bit of wind up. Clenaware on the other hand, HAVE come up with several easy steps on how to get the perfect pint EVERYTIME...And no this isn’t a wind up and has been tried and tested (and tasted of course!) by many of its customers. So how do you get this perfect pint?

Halloween Drinks To Make You Go WOOOOOOOO!!!
Posted on 12. October, 2012

Attract the ‘ghouls’ and ‘ghosties’ to your bar this Halloween, by serving up some super spooky Halloween drinks. Clenaware have put together a top 10 of tipples for this October 31st, and it includes everything from a Screaming Banshee to a Vampires Kiss.....You can even add some ‘wormy’ ice cubes, to keep your brews cool...So let’s help get you into the spirit Mwahahahahahaha!!!!


A Jubilee Fit For A Queen!
Posted on 12. September, 2012

2012 is not only the Queens Jubilee year, but also a special year for Clenaware with the release of its new ‘Fresh Water Wash’ dishwasher – The Jubilee 50.

For over 50 years, Clenaware have been providing customers with the ultimate in warewashing equipment, and the Jubilee 50 is the newest addition to the Clenaware warewashing family.

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