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A Jubilee Fit For A Queen!
Posted on 12. September, 2012

2012 is not only the Queens Jubilee year, but also a special year for Clenaware with the release of its new ‘Fresh Water Wash’ dishwasher – The Jubilee 50.

For over 50 years, Clenaware have been providing customers with the ultimate in warewashing equipment, and the Jubilee 50 is the newest addition to the Clenaware warewashing family.

The Jubilee 50 has 3 different wash cycles:

  • Light Soil – provides a 2 minute wash cycle for lightly soiled items
  • Normal Soil – provides a 3 minute wash cycle for light/heavy soiled items – this is the default cycle type when the machine is switched on
  • Heavy Soil – provides a 4 minute wash cycle for all items that are heavily soiled and take a little longer to get the best cleaning results

The machine, like other Clenaware machines, has a special ‘close down’ cycle which is used at the end of the washing day to fully empty the machine and to flush the system through. Therefore no manual shutdown is required, saving time on pulling the plug and letting the machine empty before you have to then fill it again.


No matter which cycle is selected, every cycle uses fresh water for its wash this means the same consistent cleaning results is delivered every time.


The Jubilee 50 is a fully integrated machine, which comes fitted as standard with a rinse pump; wash pump and waste pump system. With other manufacturers, these are optional extras which can cost you hundreds of pounds on top of the cost of a machine. With its self diagnostic system, the Jubilee 50 will let you know whenever there’s a problem with its day-to-day running and diagnoses issues early, to help you avoid any unnecessary call outs for breakdown and repair.


The machine is easy to operate as it has a simple touch button control panel and is an under-counter front-loading machine; so no complicated rack or heavy hood system to manoeuvre! These features make the Jubilee 50 ideal for use in Bistros, Cafes and Restaurants, or smaller bar kitchen areas.


So celebrate the Jubilee year by investing in a Clenaware new Fresh Water Wash dishwasher, and give your customers the Royal treatment by serving your drinks and meals from crockery fit for a Queen.

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