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The Perfect 'Christmas' Pint - Scientific Fact or Fiction?
Posted on 20. December, 2012

An article recently published in a well known daily newspaper, reckoned that scientists had cracked the code of every drinker’s dream – what makes a perfect pint! As it turns out, the equation they came up with had no scientific content at all and was probably a bit of wind up. Clenaware on the other hand, HAVE come up with several easy steps on how to get the perfect pint EVERYTIME...And no this isn’t a wind up and has been tried and tested (and tasted of course!) by many of its customers. So how do you get this perfect pint?

Contrary to the ‘scientific equation’ in said newspaper article, tasting the perfect pint has very little to do with the people your with, the decor in the bar or the music being played, it all boils down to the glass itself and what is inside it.

To serve the perfect pint you need a perfectly clean, perfectly dry glass. Did you know that in Britain alone, we will drink an average of over 6000 pints of beer, lager or bitter each in our adult lifetime? That’s a lot of pints, not to mention Hangovers!

Clenaware has come up with the following ‘dummies’ guide on how to achieve ‘Pint Perfection’. And what’s more, Clenaware offers a solution to help you every step of the way! So what better gift to give to all your customers this Christmas, than a delicious tasting, fresh looking Pint of your finest! It could certainly make up for any lumps of Coal or Tangerines in a sock received this year (for all the people on the naughty list that is!).... Remember though peeps, a good pint isn’t just for Christmas!

Download the presentation now for Pint Perfection, and get all your customers thirsty for more over the Festive Season!

Happy Holidays everyone....Enjoy!

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