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The Fat Issue!
Posted on 14. January, 2013

Now that January is upon us, most of us will be worrying about the extra ‘fat’ around our waistlines from all the Christmas food and drink, and trying every fad diet or extreme exercise regime to get rid of it. But it’s not only our waistlines that suffer with fatty residues, all those extra creamy cocktails and luxurious dinner sauces served over the Festive period, can cause issues with your glass and crockery! No matter how well plates are scraped, or cups are rinsed, some fats, oils or grease (FOG as it’s known in the trade), can inevitably stick to the otherwise cleaned crockery.

Specialist Coffees, such as Liqueur coffees can leave their creamy residue inside the cups and if stood on a work top for a while before they are put into the Dishwasher, this can make the residue very stubborn to remove.

With many good quality dishwasher detergents available, these alone are sometimes not effective enough to shift the stubborn fog. Clenaware has recently added to its chemical range, a special cleaning additive ‘tea & coffee stain remover’ which helps combat the problems of such contaminates. It’s available in powder form and is very easy to use, simply place a small scoop of the powder into the wash tank near the filters of the Dishwasher, before carrying out a cleaning cycle and at the end of the cycle the results will speak for themselves...

Now if only it were so simple for us to shift our own festive fat!

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