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The Price of a Perfect Pint?
Posted on 26. April, 2013

Having the correct glass washing solution to serve the ‘Perfect Pint’ is an easy decision for most businesses to make, paying for it however, can be more difficult. Clenaware understand that many customers have a week to week business and so paying for solutions such as glass washing can be much easier if spread over a period of time at an affordable price. Clenaware now offers glass washing solutions that can be rented on a month by month basis.

Clenaware offer a range of products that make up a Glass Washing solution, this includes:



Clenaware are offering customers  a ‘fully loaded’ solution, where the payment made each month includes total service coverage for the equipment being paid for, so a customer has complete piece of mind during the term of the rental.


Other reasons for paying for your glass washing equipment monthly:


Eases cash flow so that capital can be used on other items such as stock and staff.


Payments are fixed so you know what and when to pay.


Having the equipment when you need it and not when you can afford it, and having quality equipment at an affordable cost.


Do you have to make a large down payment?

No, the 'deposit' (starting at £379.50 for all customers) covers the installation, delivery and first set of chemicals for your equipment, to get you up and running.


Do you have to have a perfect Credit record?

Again no, Clenaware has its own leasing company that fund the lease and so no intrusive credit checks are carried out. Clenaware treats every customer on a case-by-case basis and does everything to come up with a tailor made solution for each customer.


For more information on how to sign up for monthly rental plan, or if you would like to find out more and what solutions could be made for you, then call Clenaware on 01933 666244.

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