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Clean Enough to Eat Your Dinner Off!
Posted on 23. August, 2013

To present the perfect looking meal or beverage, you need a perfectly clean plate or cup to serve it from. The state of the tableware at the point of presenting it to a customer is vital to customer satisfaction.


Why compromise customer satisfaction?

Tableware that hasn’t been washed effectively using the right dishwashing equipment not only looks bad, but can also leave a lasting ‘wrong impression’ with a customer of your business.


Clenaware can give you the best in dishwashing equipment with its TREAT IT, PREPARE IT, WASH IT, STORE IT, USE IT philosophy. There couldn’t be an easier way of achieving presentation perfection.



High quality chemicals are an essential part in the whole dishwashing process and are key if you want to achieve perfect results.


Detergent - Use a good quality detergent every time you wash. Although top quality detergent can be a little pricier than ‘off the shelf’ brands, the results from using a good quality chemical will speak for itself.


Rinseaid – When used in conjunction with a good detergent, you will have streak-free and sparkling results. The citric acid levels in rinseaid can also help to eliminate scale build-up.


Descaler – Using descaler regularly in your dishwasher, will eliminate scale build-up inside the machine and ensure it continues to deliver excellent cleaning results and ultimately, prevent machine breakdown.


Water Treatment – If you know you are in a hard water area, then fitting a water softener is an essential part in the overall dishwashing process. Remember, limescale isn’t just unsightly; it causes cleanliness issues with your crockery and cutlery. If ‘hidden’ scale is present, then fat residues (fog as its referred to in the catering industry) can stick to your otherwise clean crockery and cutlery.



Selecting the right washer racks is important to ensure that each cup, plate or utensil is cleaned effectively and safely to prevent breakages and injuries.


It’s important that each basket is used for its specific purpose. Don’t stack plates or bowls in a flat open rack, use a divided dish rack which holds the plates upright to ensure that the wash and rinse water get into all the ‘nooks and crannies’ of your dirty wares.

Place cutlery and smaller kitchen utensils in a cutlery rack. The cutlery rack allows the items to be compartmented and upright whilst the wash cycle is carried out. A cutlery basket can be placed inside the dishwasher with another basket which may contain plates, bowls or cups.



The Clenaware range of dishwashers all have the unique ‘fresh water wash’ system built in, ensuring the last wash is as fresh and as clean as the first.


If thermal disinfection is a requirement in your establishment, then the Clenaware TD50 Thermal Dishwasher is ideal as it has been specifically designed for fast thermal disinfection with a 2 minute TD cycle. The TD cycle is a 82°C rinse performed after a standard wash to ensure all the bacterial spores that could be contaminating your wares are eliminated.


The Clenaware dishwashers are all fully integrated machines, with 2, 3 or 4 minute wash cycles; this means you can get your wares clean and fresh in a short space of time.



Storing your freshly washed wares correctly will prevent the re-introduction of contaminants or dampness to your otherwise clean tableware.


Clenaware basket units are available in a range of sizes and functions; from 3 tier or 5 tier, to static or mobile. These ensure that you have enough storage space for all your plates, cups and cutlery so that they can be stored safely and securely.


USE IT...... With a smile!

Being presented with dirty or dull looking crockery and cutlery can stay in a customer’s memory as a bad experience of your business forever. Using the Clenaware process to treat, prepare, was and store your tableware will ensure that each and every one of your customers is presented with clean and bright looking crockery and cutlery.


Download a copy of our latest Dishwashing brochure here...

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