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Mines a Pint of CRAFT Please!
Posted on 12. November, 2013

Craft beer and real ales are becoming ever more popular these days. Gone are the days of the stereo-typed old man sitting in the smokey corner of the social club supping a pint of real ale of a Sunday afternoon. It would seem that proper Beer (as it were), is increasingly popular with many younger drinkers across Britain. Some are calling this the ‘Drinks Revolution’ and the youth are certainly in revolt.

There are an estimated 7 million craft beer drinkers in Britain alone. Do you offer your customers a varied selection of ‘real’ beer? Have you seen an increase in customer demand for craft beer in your establishment?


Here are some facts about Craft:

It is documented that the first Craft Beer originated in America, but thanks to associations such as CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale), and companies such as Brew Dog, with their edgy ‘younger’ advertising and appeal to the market, Craft Beers are more popular than ever with the younger generation, who are becoming more experimental with their taste for real ales and beer.


According to industry surveys, the sales of draught Craft beer have increased by over 80% in the last year. With many British pubs feeling the ‘pinch’ and under pressure to increase dwindling sales, could Craft beer play a major role in the survival of the industry?


Away from the traditional pubs and clubs, many London restaurants now stock a healthy list of Craft brews, giving diners the opportunity to pair a meal with the appropriate beer.... in some places you will even find Beer Sommeliers!


There are also many Craft beers finding their way onto cocktail menus across the land. American bartenders have used beers in cocktails for many years and swear by the textures and carbonation a good Craft beer can bring to the mix.


Craft Beer should always be served in the right style of glass. Some glasses for Craft beers have tapering to the top of the glass, which is thought to encourage beer head and head retention, whilst others are shaped in a certain way to hold in the aromas trapped in the beer (tulip glasses for example). The right glass makes the Craft experience not only taste better, but smell as it should too.


Preserving the glassware in which to serve the Craft beer is more important than ever with many Craft brewers. After all, why should they put all their ‘blood, sweat and tears’ into coming up with a real, rich and proper brew if it’s all going be in vain at the point of serve?


Many Craft brewers have recognised that the ‘fresh water wash’ system used in the Clenaware Sovereign glasswasher is a major factor in getting the glasses ‘beer clean’, and when used in conjunction with the Airack glass dryer, the glasses are perfectly clean and perfectly dry, thus preserving the quality of the Craft beer when it hits the glass. Ask many Craft brewers which machine they recommend for keeping their glasses in the right condition to serve the drinks, and they will all tell you, “a Clenaware machine”.


Clenaware have worked in conjunction with a number of Craft brewers and their outlets, and many sites have trialled the Clenaware glass washing solution, Clenaware have come up trumps every time, with many of the sites’ customers commenting on the presentation of their beer (head retention, lacing etc...)


Almost all Craft Beers are served between 3 and 5 degrees Celsius, such as sweet fruity Lambics and pale ales. However, Stouts, Bitters and Golden Craft ales are served slightly warmer, but not usually any higher than 12 degrees Celsius. Craft is traditionally served in this way to bring out the tastes and aromas properly, just as the brewer intended.


With regular real ale festivals around the UK, you can be sure to come across some interesting and passionate brewers of Craft beers, who will happily want you to sample their product. Many brewers are constantly trying to come up with unusual and exciting new combinations to keep real ale advocates interested and thirsty for more.


The TV broadcasters are now ‘hopping’ on the Craft band wagon by recently launching the ‘Let There Be Beer’ ad campaign, which will have already been viewed by many people throughout the UK and has hopefully got them talking about Craft.


With a huge range of beers brewed throughout the UK, wouldn’t it be worth finding out if there are any local breweries near to you? You would not only be part of the ‘Beer Revolution’, but you would also be helping the smaller local brewer to get their foot on the revolutions ladder to making beer an art form...

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