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A Glass Wash Basket that can Multi-Task?
Posted on 5. August, 2014

With so many different styles of glassware for beers, lagers, cocktails and shots... you need the right basket to wash them in.

But what about space to keep the all the different styles of basket? What if space in a premium in your bar or kitchen area? Clenaware have a solution which is both versatile and space saving... and will even save you money...

Clenaware have this month launched 2 new products into the glass basket range, the compartmented glass basket and the basket divider kit.

The versatile compartmented basket with adjustable inserts, allows you to use the glass basket in several different ways.

• Remove all the inserts to make a standard open basket
• Use only the horizontal inserts to make a divided basket
• Use both the horizontal and vertical inserts to make a compartmented basket

If all the inserts are used in the basket, then the basket has a maximum of 16 compartments available for washing glassware such as Pint glasses. You can also use just 2 inserts to create a basket that can be used for washing Pitchers and fishbowls, and because its compartmented the items in the basket are held securely and the right way up for washing.


The other new basket product now available is the basket divider kit. The divider kit is a versatile set of strengthened plastic inserts which can be used in any glass washing basket measuring from 40cm sq to 50cm sq. Each kit comes with a number of inserts, which can be slotted together to make compartments in the basket. The bigger the baskets the more compartments you can make, so if you wash with a 50cm sq basket then a maximum of 36 compartments can be utilised for washing smaller glassware items, such as shot glasses, wine glasses etc...

The instructions for putting together the matrix of inserts is very easy to follow as each insert is coded with a series of dots and each dot relates to the size of the compartment you wish to create.

Using a compartmented basket or divider kit, will not only save you space for basket storage but also save you the expense of having to purchase lots of different styles of glass washing baskets... Kind of like keeping your eggs (or in this case glasses) in one basket!

Check out the other baskets available in the Clenaware range, designed with the many different styles of glassware in mind.

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