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Let There Be 'Lite'
Posted on 20. May, 2015

The newly released Clenaware Sovereign 45 Lite glass washer is lighter on price but gives the same excellent wash results, those customers of Clenaware have come to know and love over the years...

The Sovereign Lite (just like its big sister machines the Sovereign 45 and 50), is the ONLY glass washer to use a fresh water wash system, to ensure the last wash is exactly the same as the first.

With the Sovereign Lite’s release, the cheaper price will be ‘liter’ on your wallet, saving you money to spend on all the other added expense of the coming summer months.

By making a few tweaks to the build and a reduction in overheads, Clenaware have been able to produce a machine that is a little cheaper to the market for those customers sites that don’t have an overly busy operation, as it is designed for lighter usage..

The machine is still a fully integrated machine, and includes items such as a bottom wash/rinse arm, and wash, rinse, chemical and drain pumps still included in the cost and NOT added as an ‘expensive’ optional extra... And as it’s a Clenaware glass washer it still has the dedicated Renovate and Plastics cycles built in to the programming.


Same Quality, Same Result... Just Lighter on Price!

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