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Thermal Disinfection - How it Works!
Posted on 8. June, 2011

Did you know that a lot of Bacterial spores aren’t simply killed by normal disinfection alone? Thermal Disinfection achieves a high level of disinfection in a shorter space of time and is also a safer and more effective method of disinfection. But what is Thermal disinfection and how does it work?

Thermal Disinfection works by achieving a moist heat which is set at a specific temperature for a set amount of time. Viruses and bacteria are very sensitive to heat and they will die if exposed to higher temperatures. The high temperature steam used in the Thermal Disinfection process can destroy the proteins in viruses and bacteria and render them as dead or inert.


The Clenaware TD50 does this by providing a hygienic Thermal Disinfection wash to all your crockery and utensils.


Some of the features and benefits of the TD50 are:

  • A specially timed Thermal Rinse cycle of 2 Minutes at 82˚C. This temperature ensures that all pathogens are totally removed quickly and effectively.
  • Short cooling rinses at the end of each cycle to ensure the crockery or utensils are at a safe ‘to touch’ temperature and so can be used again immediately.
  • Use of the ‘Fresh Water Wash’ cycle means that not only do you have peace of mind of total bacteria elimination, you know that the next cycle performed will be just as effective and hygienic as the previous cycle.
  • A cycle activated door lock, which cannot be opened whilst the machine is performing a cycle – thus resulting in no risk of re-introducing bacteria.
  • Can be fitted to a hot or cold / gravity or mains water supply, making the TD50 a versatile piece of equipment for your business.
  • A self diagnostic system which indicates immediately, precisely and efficiently if any problems occur with the machine. 

With thousands of people being affected every year by Nosocomial infections such as MRSA, Norwalk virus and various others, Thermal Disinfection has been adopted as the main method of disinfection within the Health Care Sector, especially in the NHS.


                             TD50 Thermal Disinfection Dishwasher                         

Clenaware has specifically designed and built a Thermal Disinfection machine for the Health Care sector and it has been installed in lots of hospitals and nursing homes throughout the UK.

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