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Dont Lose Your Head!
Posted on 7. July, 2011

For those that are passionate about a pint, there is nothing quite so off putting as beer with no head. Poor head retention, as it is referred to in the industry, is mainly caused by pouring the beverage into a dirty glass. However, did you know that something as simple as the water left behind from washing can also affect the head retention of a drink?

The best way of drying a glass is with a slight wind chill. This can be achieved by letting the glass dry naturally. This can however, take a little longer than manually drying it yourself, and if you need clean dry glasses for your busy bar in a hurry, allowing them to dry naturally isn’t always the best or quickest option.


The Clenaware Airack offers you a solution to this problem! With a 4 minute drying cycle and auto stop function, you and your bar staff won’t have to hang around, leaving you free to service your customers, and what’s more, the air action cools the glasses so that they are ready for use right away, ensuring perfect presentation for your drinks every time.


A single drinking glass can be used many, many times throughout the day, so it’s important to clean glasses thoroughly. This not only stops germs being passed on to other people, but also keeps the appearance of a drink at its best. This is where your glasswasher is paramount. A Clenaware Airack is the perfect partner for any glasswasher, working in conjunction to give perfectly dry, cool glasses.


The advantages of using an Airack with your glasswasher are:-

  • It dries your glasses in just 4 minutes
  • It can dry up to 30 pint glasses per 4 minute cycle
  • It dries your glasses at an ambient temperature – which means that your glasses can be used immediately and are cool to the touch
  • It can be used in conjunction with any standard glass basket (up to 500mm)
  • It sits neatly and safely on a counter top
  • It cuts out the costs of replacing cloths or paper towels
  • It has few moving parts, which cuts out the costs of possible expensive repairs
  • It’s easy to install and use – as it can simply be plugged straight into a 3 pin socket

The importance of a thoroughly dry glass before use:-

  • A glasswasher will typically use a high temperature rinse to complete a wash cycle, and a rinseaid is used to help shed any water residue, however there can still be contaminates which are found in the rinse water, clinging to the glass, so it is equally important to make sure your glass is dry BEFORE it is put to use again.
  • The ‘widget’ or etching that you see in the bottom of a glass, will not work correctly if it is wet, as this etching is used to encourage the gas release from a lager/beer or carbonated drink.
  • Drying a glass with a cloth or towel, may get the glass looking dry and clean but can leave particles from the cloth on the surface of the glass, which are also a factor in affecting the appearance of your drink.

So how does the Airack help you avoid these problems?
Using the Airack couldn’t be simpler, remove your glass basket from your glasswasher, place it onto the Airack, hit start and 4 minutes later you have perfectly dry, cool glasses ready for you to serve the perfect drinks. Due to its efficiency and ease of use, many users of the Airack call it “the 4 minute marvel!”

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