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The DO's and DONT's of Glass Washing
Posted on 6. December, 2016

For those of us unfortunately old enough to remember this, in the 1980s wiping glasses with a tea towel became an illegal practice. Before this any number of unsavoury things used to happen, even so far as washing ash trays and glasses in the same wash bowl! Because glass cleaning was a laborious task, licensees would often not change your drinking glass between pints.


How different things were then eh?

Let There Be 'Lite'
Posted on 20. May, 2015

The newly released Clenaware Sovereign 45 Lite glass washer is lighter on price but gives the same excellent wash results, those customers of Clenaware have come to know and love over the years...

Mines a Pint of CRAFT Please!
Posted on 12. November, 2013

Craft beer and real ales are becoming ever more popular these days. Gone are the days of the stereo-typed old man sitting in the smokey corner of the social club supping a pint of real ale of a Sunday afternoon. It would seem that proper Beer (as it were), is increasingly popular with many younger drinkers across Britain. Some are calling this the ‘Drinks Revolution’ and the youth are certainly in revolt.

The Perfect 'Christmas' Pint - Scientific Fact or Fiction?
Posted on 20. December, 2012

An article recently published in a well known daily newspaper, reckoned that scientists had cracked the code of every drinker’s dream – what makes a perfect pint! As it turns out, the equation they came up with had no scientific content at all and was probably a bit of wind up. Clenaware on the other hand, HAVE come up with several easy steps on how to get the perfect pint EVERYTIME...And no this isn’t a wind up and has been tried and tested (and tasted of course!) by many of its customers. So how do you get this perfect pint?

Fed Up With Tired Looking, Flat Drinks Presentation?
Posted on 4. July, 2012

With an estimated 400 quality checks carried out during the production of beer, wouldn’t it be a shame if ‘bad’ glass washing then wiped out all the effort made by the Brewer at the point of presenting the drink to the customer by presenting the beverage in a dirty, old-looking glass?

A glass that hasn’t been washed effectively using the proper glass washing equipment not only looks bad but also affects the taste and look of the beverage itself. So how does Clenaware give you the best in Glass Washing? With its ‘WASH IT, DRY IT, STORE IT, POUR IT & SERVE IT’ philosophy there couldn’t be an easier way of getting that presentation perfection.

Does Good Glassware Make a Difference?
Posted on 9. February, 2012

Do not be fooled into thinking that drinkers do not care what type of glass their drink is served in, as long as it is served quickly and tastes good, as this is not true. Modern Licensees realise that their glassware is as important as the Bar or Restaurant décor in reinforcing the outlet’s image. The glass a drink is served in is after all, the packaging of a major part of their sales.

The Plastic Population
Posted on 18. November, 2011

Polycarbonate Glasses are rapidly becoming more popular within the Bar and Night club industry, with many now serving drinks exclusively out of polycarbonate – or plastic – glassware in their venues. With this increasing popularity, maintaining the quality of polycarbonate and extending the life of Polycarbonate glassware without compromising customer satisfaction is still an important factor. The Clenaware Sovereign glasswasher range has a ‘dedicated’ Plastics Wash Cycle, as well as a Standard Wash Cycle for normal glassware.

Why Should You Buy A Glasswasher?
Posted on 5. August, 2011

If you own a pub or run a café or restaurant, you may be wondering why you should buy a glasswasher when you already have a dishwasher. There are a few good reasons, including cleaner glasses, kindness on glassware and they have a much faster wash cycle.

The Appliance for Science: Man 'v' Machine!
Posted on 21. July, 2011

Cleaning laboratory glassware isn't as simple as washing the dishes. Hand washing can be both time consuming and risky, as wet hands or gloves can be slippery! So how could you speed up the laborious task of washing your fiddly test tubes, or delicate flasks? Can man be beaten by machine?

Have You Renovated Your Glasses Lately?
Posted on 11. May, 2011

We know that you wash your glasses and that your glasses may look clean, but to ensure your drinks look and taste their best, you must Renovate your glasses. The Clenaware Sovereign Glasswasher range comes with a built in ‘Renovate Cycle’ to help you do this. But what is the ‘Renovate Cycle’ and how does it work?

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