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Clean Enough to Eat Your Dinner Off!
Posted on 23. August, 2013

To present the perfect looking meal or beverage, you need a perfectly clean plate or cup to serve it from. The state of the tableware at the point of presenting it to a customer is vital to customer satisfaction.


Why compromise customer satisfaction?

A Jubilee Fit For A Queen!
Posted on 12. September, 2012

2012 is not only the Queens Jubilee year, but also a special year for Clenaware with the release of its new ‘Fresh Water Wash’ dishwasher – The Jubilee 50.

For over 50 years, Clenaware have been providing customers with the ultimate in warewashing equipment, and the Jubilee 50 is the newest addition to the Clenaware warewashing family.

No Time to Waste on Dirty Plates!
Posted on 4. April, 2012

Busy restaurants, hotels and catering establishments would be lost without their dishwashing equipment. They need a continuous supply of clean crockery and cutlery and they need commercial equipment that is up to the job. Choosing a warewasher on price alone is not a sensible option. Look carefully at the needs of your establishment, its volume in terms of washing up and the chemicals that it will use. ’Green’ washers are becoming ever more popular but be wary of those claims to be green that are often little more than advertising blurb.

Superbugs! The Unconquerable, Unbeatable, Crusaders of Evil!
Posted on 12. September, 2011

Imagine a battle between the League of Superdrugs vs. the notorious superbug Staph-Man. First in the battle arena is Penicillin Man, who although defeats Staph-Man, fails to kill him, allowing him to become more powerful. Wonderdrug is the next to try, but fails miserably. With each gallant attempt and miserable fail, Staph-Man becomes more powerful, until one day he morphs into super villain, Superdrug-resistant Staph-Man! Chaos and panic breaks out, and the entire world is now in fear of this dastardly criminal.

Thermal Disinfection - How it Works!
Posted on 8. June, 2011

Did you know that a lot of Bacterial spores aren’t simply killed by normal disinfection alone? Thermal Disinfection achieves a high level of disinfection in a shorter space of time and is also a safer and more effective method of disinfection. But what is Thermal disinfection and how does it work?

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