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Living the Brand!
Posted on 15. March, 2012

What if Clenaware could help you to enhance your brand using their products? Clenaware have taken their Airack glass dryer and will soon be introducing a new ‘branded’ Airack product to its range. Product branding is a way of clearly highlighting what makes a product different to anyone else’s. Effective branding can elevate a product, from being just one amongst many identical products, to become something with a unique character and promise. By then having your logo or company branding on someone else’s products, you not only double your exposure, but also possibly increase your sales and profits.

Dont Lose Your Head!
Posted on 7. July, 2011

For those that are passionate about a pint, there is nothing quite so off putting as beer with no head. Poor head retention, as it is referred to in the industry, is mainly caused by pouring the beverage into a dirty glass. However, did you know that something as simple as the water left behind from washing can also affect the head retention of a drink?

Clenaware Systems Limited Blog Feed RSS
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