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The Story of the Perfect Pint

With an estimated 400 quality checks carried out during the production of beer, wouldn't it be a shame if 'bad' glass washing then wiped out all the effort made by the Brewer at the point of presenting the drink to the customer by presenting the beverage in a dirty, old-looking glass?

If you're as passionate about serving the perfect pint as we are, then download the following brochure which is an easy to follow guide on how to achieve the 'Perfect Pint'...

Clenaware Glass Washing Brochure

At Clenaware we are passionate about our brand and our products. We believe that everything we do, from design and manufacturing, through to the after sales we provide, should achieve that goal of "Delivering Perfect Results" every time. At Clenaware, "Excellence comes as standard".

Download a copy of our latest brochure, to view the total glass washing solution...

Clenaware Dishwashing Brochure

To serve the perfect looking meal or beverage, you need a perfectly clean plate or cup to serve them from. The state of the tableware at the point of presenting it to customers is an essential element in customer satisfaction. Why compromise customer satisfaction?

Download a copy of our latest brochure, to view the total dishwashing solution...

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