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Machine Refurbishment Service
Clenaware SystemsFor anyone that has a Clenaware machine, a new service that is now available is the 'Machine Refurbishment Service'. A machine refurbishment can be requested by a customer for many reasons; perhaps the machine is unserviceable and hasn't been in use for a while, or maybe a customer is having a refit of their premises and so they want to refurbish their existing machines?

For whatever reason, Clenaware can refurbish the machine to the same high standard of any new machine it manufactures.

Clenaware SystemsAs part of the machine refurbishment service, Clenaware will arrange to pick up a customer's machine and bring it to the factory, where the refurbishment is carried out on site by a qualified Clenaware engineer.

At the start of the refurbishment process, the machine will be stripped bare and will have the major parts replaced as standard. These parts include items such as detergent and rinseaid element tubes and tubing, extension springs, inlet solenoids and float switches, rinse heaters and wash spray bar sub-assemblies.

Clenaware SystemsThe machine will then be manually de-scaled before a wash cycle is run to complete the de-scaling process. The rest of the machine is then manually cleaned using only specialist machine cleaners.

This involves removing the stainless steel panels so that they can be fully cleaned using specialist pads that help to restore the metalwork graining and remove scratches where possible.

Clenaware SystemsWhilst replacing the 'standard' parts for refurbishment, if the engineer notices some other issues or parts that require updating, the engineer will provide Clenaware with a report which details any additional parts that may be required for the refurbishment.

Clenaware will always contact a customer to firstly quote them for any additional parts which are necessary to bring the machine up to a good working standard, and if then given the go ahead by a customer, Clenaware will fit the additional parts.

Some of the common parts that may need replacing can include items such as the wash, rinse or waste pumps, control PCB and LED PCB boards and some smaller items such as pressure switches.

The cost of replacing just the 'standard' parts alone can run into hundreds of pounds. However, the Clenaware 'Machine Refurbishment Service' which not only includes the replacement of parts but also a full professional clean of the machine, is available from only £395.

Clenaware will not only deliver and re-install the machine for every customer that has had their machine refurbished, but will also give you 12 Months warranty on any parts that have been replaced, giving a customer the peace of mind that should anything go wrong, Clenaware will resolve any problems quickly and efficiently at no extra cost.

For more information or to book a refurbishment, please call us on 01933 666244.
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