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Clenaware SystemsThe Clenaware Monitoring System (CMS) is the latest innovation to Clenaware machines and further enhances the products that we offer. It has been developed with one basic principal in mind: "Intelligent Equipment for Your Business..."

The CMS offers many key benefits, however we believe the biggest benefit is that support and service can be offered in a more pro-active way. The CMS takes away many elements of the re-active support that tends to happen with equipment such as ware washing machines.

The Clenaware Monitoring System is a hardware and website based solution that allows real-time monitoring of a Clenaware machine. The system offers a variety of benefits including:

  • Access to real-time machine data through any standard Internet Browser
  • Access to a wide range of machine usage reports and audit trails
  • Monitoring of items such as the consumption of power, water and consumable parts
  • Complete tracking of machine history
  • Indentifying service and maintenance issues before they arise
  • Reducing engineer calls outs and costs whilst increasing the first time fix rate

Clenaware Systems The Clenaware Monitoring System allows for the complete management of the Clenaware machine and records and reports through an easy to use online interface that users can access on a real-time, 24/7 basis from any internet enabled PC. The CMS also allows for the management of multiple machines across single locations or estates.

For customers that require a full support package, the Clenaware Monitoring System allows us to monitor and manage your machine on your behalf. With this package, we can provide better levels of support and can solve problems and issues much faster, often in many cases without the need for an engineer to visit.

The CMS can now be fitted to the full range of Clenaware glasswashing and dishwashing machines and can also be fitted to the current Mark 5 and Mark 4 models. The CMS works on the following machines:

Clenaware Systems To obtain more information on the CMS and how it can enhance your Clenaware machine, please contact us on 01933 666244 or email You can also visit the Clenaware Monitoring Website at

The Clenaware Monitoring System really is "Intelligent Equipment for Your Business..." And what's more - our customers that have their machines fitted with the CMS are offered the services and benefits of our "ClenaCare Plus" service and support packages.
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