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Our Factory
Clenaware SystemsFrom the first design drawing right through to final testing, we develop, design and manufacture our products from our UK based factory in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. We are proud to be a UK based design and manufacturing business and we constantly strive to improve our products, our service and the customer experience.

All parts are sourced and delivered direct to our factory where the machines are hand-built before undergoing a full testing process. We work tirelessly to exacting standards to ensure that every stage of our manufacturing process has quality built in.

Clenaware SystemsOur experienced team of production engineers ensure that no product leaves our factory until we are 100% sure it has been built and tested to the standards expected by our brand and our customers. Machines are manufactured to ISO 9001 : 2008 and are WRAS approved.

At the factory, we also undertake repair work and full refurbishments of machines as well as house our large range of Clenaware spare parts that are picked, packed and shipped the same day.

Clenaware SystemsAt the factory, we offer a series of training courses for engineers to ensure that engineers working with Clenaware machines possess the knowledge required to support them in the field. We offer training courses for third party engineers as well as training for our own engineers on a daily basis.

By having our factory in the UK, we are in total control of the products we design and manufacture. We believe this gives our customers the confidence that help is never far away. We welcome you to visit our factory to see our machines being built. To arrange a visit, contact us.
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