Clenaware Systems Sovereign Detergent

Sovereign Detergent
2 x 5lt

Clenaware Systems Sovereign Rinseaid

Sovereign Rinseaid
2 x 5lt

Clenaware Systems Sovereign Starter Pack

Sovereign Starter

Clenaware Systems Sovereign Descaler

Sovereign Descaler
4 x 1lt

Clenaware Systems Renovate Tub

Renovate Tub

Clenaware Systems Quash Lipstick Removal Starter Pack

Quash Lipstick Removal Starter Pack

Clenaware Systems Polycarbonate Glass Washing Pack

Polycarbonate Glass Washing Pack

Clenaware Systems Dishwasher Detergent Standard

Dishwasher Detergent
Standard - 2 x 5lt

Clenaware Systems Dishwasher Detergent Hard Water

Dishwasher Detergent
Hard Water - 2 x 5lt

Clenaware Systems Dishwasher Rinseaid

Dishwasher Rinseaid
2 x 5lt

Clenaware Systems Tea & Coffee Stain Remover

Tea and Coffee Stain Remover

Clenaware Systems Descaler Tub

Descaler Tub

Clenaware Systems Automatic Water Softeners

Automatic Water Softeners

Clenaware Systems Calcium Treatment Units

Calcium Treatment Units

Clenaware Systems Manual Water Softener

Manual Water Softener

Clenaware Systems Salt 25Kg


Clenaware Systems Granular Salt 25Kg

Granular Salt

Clenaware Systems Open Baskets

Open Baskets

Clenaware Systems Divided Baskets

Divided Baskets

Clenaware Systems Tall Baskets

Tall Baskets

Clenaware Systems Half Glass Baskets

Half Glass Baskets

Clenaware Systems Divider Kits

Divider Kits

Clenaware Systems Carafe Insert

Carafe Insert

Clenaware Systems Dish Rack

Dish Rack

Clenaware Systems Open Rack

Open Rack

Clenaware Systems Cutlery Rack

Cutlery Rack

Clenaware Systems Airack™ Glass Dryer Standard

Airack Glass Dryer Standard

Clenaware Systems Airack™ Glass Dryer Lite

Airack Glass Dryer Lite

Clenaware Systems Basket Unit 3 High

Basket Units 3 High

Clenaware Systems Basket Unit 5 High

Basket Units 5 High

Clenaware Systems Airack Stand

Airack Stands

Clenaware Systems Machine Stands

Machine Stands

Clenaware Systems Sink Unit - 600mm

Sink Unit - 600mm

Clenaware Systems Sink Unit - 1200mm

Sink Units - 1200mm

Clenaware Systems Machine Cleaning Kit

Machine Cleaning Kit

Clenaware Systems Stainless Steel Cleaner

Stainless Steel Cleaner

Clenaware Systems Cactericidal Cleaner

Bactericidal Cleaner

Machine Breakdown Icon

Machine Breakdown Service

Service Overview

The Machine Breakdown Service is designed to provide onsite attendance by well trained, experienced Clenaware engineers when required by a customer for a breakdown.

What This Service Covers

  • Onsite attendance usually within 48 hours of booking an engineer
  • Fixed price call out fee
  • Onsite labour charged in 30 minute segments after the 1st hour
  • Call outs attended by well trained, experienced Clenaware engineers
  • Engineer attendance Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 6.00pm
  • All parts used and supplied are genuine Clenaware parts and are carried by the Clenaware Engineers ensuring a 1st time fix where possible
  • All work carried out is supported by written paperwork left with the customer
  • Free access to the Technical Support Team over the phone Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.30pm
Service Monthly Plan Pay As You Go Benefits
Machine Breakdown Service
£120.00 + VAT
Call Out & 1st Hour
£140.00 + VAT
Call Out & 1st Hour

Tips To Help Prevent Breakdowns And Unnecessary Call Outs

  1. Follow the daily cleaning maintenance schedule as listed on the Care Card. Unnecessary dirt build up can cause issues with the working of the machine, such as dirt build up around the Door Frame. This can stop the machine Door Switch activating leading you to believe the machine isn’t working.
  2. At the end of the working session allow the machine to fully closedown when you select the closedown cycle. Once the cycle is fully finished isolate the power to the machine. If you prematurely switch off the machine, the next time you go to use it the machine won’t start up correctly.
  3. In the colder winter months, the water coming into the machine will take longer to heat. So, at the start of the working session have a little patience and DO NOT press any buttons whilst waiting for the machine to heat. If you do press buttons unnecessarily this will ‘confuse’ the machine and it won’t fully operate, leading you to believe the machine has broken down.
  4. If you have any glass breakages in the machine, ensure that all of the glass is removed and make sure all of the Wash Tank Filters are firmly in place as these prevent broken glass from getting into the Pumps.
  5. Use good quality chemicals in the machine, this not only gives you better wash results but also helps to keep the machine clean. It also stops the detergent and rinseaid indicator lights on the Control Panel from going orange, which can lead you to believe the chemicals aren’t dosing properly.
  6. If you’re in a hard water area fitting a water treatment to the machine will prevent breakdowns that can result from limescale build up inside the machine. Parts such as heating elements and hoses can get ‘caked’ with limescale and become less efficient.
  7. If you have done all of the above then the Technical Support Team will be available to diagnose over the phone and if required they will book an engineer visit to site.